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This is a picture of Daisaku Ikeda. Mr. Ikeda is the most powerful Buddhist leader in Japan. Many of his followers look upon his as a "Living Buddha." In the book the "Living Buddha." Daisaku Ikeda writes that the Buddha is of "Aryan Decent." This man knows better. Please understand that when people distort history there is a deep machination behind the mindset of such individuals.

The Japanese are well aware of the African history of Buddhism. They purposefully choose to teach a Buddhist that is slanted that promotes "Japanese Superiority." If the Japanese can keep the Buddha's image White they are able to teach a Buddhism that makes them superior.

Racism was the reason for the decline of Buddhism in India

Although Japan is a Buddhist country it was amongst the last countries in Asia to adopt the Buddhist religion. Buddhism was officially introduced in Japan by the Baekje Kingdom in Korea in 538 A.D. It was not until 40 years later under Prince Shotoka in 604 A.D that buddhism was made the official religion in Japan. Although Buddhism made its advent in the world and all over Asia it was nearly 1100 years after the advent of Buddha Shakymuni that the japanese adopted Buddhism. 

When Nichiren Daishonin was born of February 16th, 1222 Buddhism had been around ove 1700 years. Ancient Buddhism emerged from African empires in Asia aand BUddhism declined in India when the last Black Empire the Gupta empire fell to Whites who called themselves "Aryans." The Aryans set up the caste system in India and they hated and made sure they destroyed Buddhism and its Buddhist temples.

If you study the African history of Buddhism you will come to understand the history of Racism.

Buddhism is a religion that started neither in Japan, or China, but is a religion that is mpracticed by millions of people in Asia. It is historically cllear that Buddhism started in the continent of India. The first inhabitants of India were Black people who migrated from Ethiopia some 50'000years ago. These Blacks from Africa are known today as Dravidians. There are two types of Blacks from Africa. One had broad features and woolly hair (Nubian) and the other had the aquiline nose and straight hair, both early descendants from Africa.

These early descendants from Africa created perhaps the first civilizations of humankind and if they were not the first they certainly were one of the first civilizations of humankind. The civilization was called the Indus Valley civilization, in the area today known as Pakistan. Originally India was "all black of what we call the Indus valley civilization. The Indus valley civilization, which built the city of Mohenjo Daro, arose in what is now Pakistan about 4,500 years ago. Mohenjo daro and its sister city. Harappa, each had some 40'000 residents at their peak in 2500 B.C. It was the Aryans who came into India and destroyed this civilization.

The true Buddha Nichiren Daishonin writes in the Gosho, the true aspect of all phenomena,: " Exert yourself in the two ways of practice and study. Without practice and study, their can be no Buddhism. You must not only persevere yourself, you must also teach others. Both practice and study arise from faith. Teach others to the best of your ability, even it is only a single sentence of phrase." Nichiren Daishonin dis not say "Casually Practice his Teachings." He said "Exert yourself in the two ways of "Practice and Study. Exert means to use a lot of mental and physical effort into a task.

African/American Buddhism is also "Shoho Jisso" The True aspect of all Phenomena
In a book called the Anacalypsis written by British Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins written during the time of slavery in America in the 1860's on page 161 Godfrey Higgins tells a strange phenomena regarding hair that occurs whenever it is explained in History about the hair on the head of the Buddha Shakyamuni.

"But yet there is one circumstance of very great importance which is peculair to Buddha, and forms a discriminating mark between him and Cristna, which is, that he is continually described as a Negro, not only with a Black complexion, in which he agrees with Cristna. but with woolly hair and a flat face. M. Creuzer observes, that the black Buddha, with frizzled or curled hair, attaches himself at the same time to the three systems into which the religion of India divides itself.

Mr. Moore, on his woolly head says, " some statues of Buddha certainly exhibit thick Ethiopian lips.: " but all wooly hair: there is something mysterious , and unexplained, connected with the hair of this, and only of this, Indian deity. The fact of so many different tales have been invented to account for his crisped, woolly head, is alone sufficient to excite suspicion, that there is something to conceal-something to be ashamed of, more than meets the eye. "Why do the Japanese avoid this historical subject? 

The reason why Buddha is a negro at least in the very old icons, I trust I shall be able to explain in a satisfactory manner hereafter. The Brahmins form a species of corporation, a sacerdotal aristocracy, possessing great privileges, but the Buddhists have a regular hierarcy, they form a state within a state, a spiritual monarchy at the side of a temporal one. "They have cloisters, their monastic life, and a religious rule.

Their monks for a priesthood numerous and powerful, and they place the first great founder at the head as the sacred depositry of their faith, which is transmitted by the spiritual prince, who is supposed by the contributions of the faithful, from generation to generation, similar to that of the lamas of Tibet " M. Creuzer might have said, not similar to, but identical to the Lama himself, who, like the Pope of Rome, is God on earth, at the head of it all, a title which the latter formerly assumed. Indeed the close similarity between the two is quite wonderful to those who do not understand it.

The monks are nuns of the Buddhists, here noticed by M. Creuzer, take the three cardinal vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, the same as the monks and nuns of European Christians. This singular fact at once proves the identity of the orders in the two communities, and that they must have had a common origin. I know not of any circumstance of consequence in their economy in which they differ."

Nichiren Shoshu Priest come to America from japan with a culture of Arrogance and Ignorance when it comes to African/ American people. Clearly such ignorance and arrogance has played a negative effect on the growth of Buddhism in America. I begged both Rev. Kuwabi and Rev. Takahashi to take the matter just across to the Nichiren Shoshu overseas bureau. Nichiren Shoushu Buddhism in America manifest itself as a dominate culture that inhibits the growth of African/Americans.

In 1985 when 24 year old Barack Obama Jr. arrived in Chicago as a community organizer. SGI Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda was initiating a plan in America that extrapolated the African/American culture from Buddhism in America and replaced it with his current Japanese system of central control and thought.

In Chicago they had the highly Black cultural "South Chapter" of Black Americans. Black Americans once had Cultural Expression in Buddhism. Barak Obama Jr. as other Americans did not have a place in Buddhism in America. Barak Obama joined and was active in the highly Afro-Centric Trinity United Church located in the Southside of Chicago. Cultural expression is popular in this Church.

Reference: Antony "Amp" Elmore Sr.

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