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Partygoers bludgeon gunman to death with bricks after fatal shooting in Texas

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Partygoers bludgeon gunman to death with bricks after fatal shooting in Texas

A gunman who opened fire on a backyard party in Texas was chased and killed by guests throwing landscaping bricks, according to police and reports.

The man shot three people – one at the party and two during the chase – one of whom died.

Fort Worth police said the shooter was hit multiple times with a brick and was pronounced dead at the scene. Fox4 reporter Shannon Murray characterised the bricks as "gardening stones".

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The shooting in the Fort Worth neighbourhood of Como, about 40 miles west of Dallas, broke out after an altercation between a group of people about 1am local time Monday, police said.

The gunman had left the party but returned to shoot at least one person in the backyard. He fled but was caught by the group.

"At some point, the shooter was caught by the group and either fell or was taken to the ground," the police said.

"The shooter continued to shoot at the group, striking at least two additional victims. A victim was pronounced dead at the scene."

As well as the dead shooter and victim – said to be a 34-year-old man – authorities said one other person was in a critical condition and two had non-life-threatening injuries.

Police did not describe what caused the initial disagreement and no arrests have been made. A handgun was recovered by investigators.

Neighbour Dee Edwards told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she called police after hearing a commotion and seeing "two bodies in my driveway”. 

Reference: Independent:  Justin Vallejo





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