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Jon Card | Punk drummer for acts such as DOA and Personality Crisis, has died aged 63

Known for his work with Canadian punk bands DOA, SNFU and Personality Crisis, Canadian drummer Jon Card has died at the age of 63

The Canadian punk scene is mourning the loss of one of the movement's most popular drummers, as Jon Card has died at the age of 63. No cause of death has been revealed thus far.

The news was broken by one of his former bands, D.O.A, taking to social media on Tuesday to break the news to the punk community. The post, which included a picture of Jon Card, simply said “RIP old friend. Jon Card, Dec 11 1960 - April 08 2024.”

Jon Card's journey into the punk world began in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he first made his mark with Personality Crisis. Formed in the early 1980s, Personality Crisis was among the pioneers of the Canadian hardcore punk scene, merging aggressive punk energy with elements of glam rock. The band gained a reputation for its energetic live performances and Card's powerful drumming was central to their sound.

In the mid-1980s, Jon Card moved west to Vancouver, a city with a burgeoning punk scene. There, he joined D.O.A., a band often hailed as one of the founders of hardcore punk. D.O.A.'s politically charged lyrics and relentless touring schedule helped to spread the hardcore ethos across North America and beyond. Card's time with D.O.A. solidified his reputation as a versatile and hard-hitting drummer.

Card's most significant contribution came with his involvement in SNFU, a band he joined in the late 1980s. SNFU was known for its unique blend of punk aggression with more melodic elements, which came to be influential in the development of skatepunk and melodic hardcore genres. 

Card's drumming with SNFU was inventive and precise, adding to the band's distinctive sound and helping to propel their music to a wider audience. Throughout the late 80s and into the 90s, SNFU released several critically acclaimed albums, embarked on numerous international tours, and became iconic within punk circles.

Outside of the punk movement, Jon Card demonstrated his versatility by engaging in various musical projects. His ability to adapt to different styles and genres showcased his broad range as a musician. While most renowned for his punk rock contributions, Card's talent allowed him to explore and influence other areas of music - including roots musician Linda McRae’s album “Cryin’ Out Loud” in 2002. 

Story by Benjamin Jackson: National World: 

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