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The experience of Transcendence- Milarepa

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The experience of Transcendence- Milarepa

Realization, then, is the direct experience of the goal of analysis, termed the natural state in Kagyu system.

It is the transcendent, inexpressible experience of direct perception of the voidness, or lack of an inherent independent ego, of persons and identity in things.

All direct experiences of voidness have three phases:

1) A preparatory process wherein the elements of concentration and analysis are applied in combination to produce the tolerance , or mental readiness, for the experience;

2) The actual transcendent realization state wherin all ordinary perceptions and concepts of the apparent world are supressed by perception of their voidness;

3) The post attainment state wherein the "reverberation" of this experience continues into the world of appearances, loosening the hold of the conceptual process within the realm of superficial experience.

The transcendent experience itself is at first an instantenous flash which is gradually extended in practice as the yogi's mind becomes more experienced and agile.

The post-attainment state is of great importance and must be developed until the experience of the voidness is extended and unified with perception of the apparent world, an accomplishment equivalent to the attainment of buddhahood.

Reference: Drinking the Mountain Stream: Milarepa

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