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Shakyamuni Buddha or India the 1st “Black Revolutionary Hero.”

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Shakyamuni Buddha or India the 1st “Black Revolutionary Hero.” 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said “with this faith I shall carve a tunnel of hope through a mountain of despair.” Dr. Martin Luther King is said to have exemplified the highest character in “human nature.” More certainly Dr. Martin Luther King is a Black Revolutionary Hero. This African/American History lecture is to introduce to the world “The Buddha The 1st Black Revolutionary Hero.” The best way to understand the “Buddha” is to understand Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King tapped an area of conscientiousness or faith we Buddhist call the “Buddha or Enlighten Nature.” Whether one is a Christian, Muslim, Jew or Atheist within the deepest repository of Human Conscientiousness is what is called a Buddha Nature or an “Enlighten life condition.” Nelson Mandela demonstrated a type of enlighten nature. Buddha means “Life or Wisdom.”

British Historian Godfrey Higgins wrote in in his 1833 book the Anacalypisis that Buddha was a Negro and the prototype of a Christian was a Buddhist. 500 years before the advent of Christ there lived a man known as the Buddha or an “Enlighten One.” Godfrey Higgins also points out in his book the “Anacalypisis” that the Buddha Shakyamuni of India was the “Younger Buddha“ but the Elder Buddha in history is non other than Hermes Trismegistus the Egyptian God of Wisdom.

Many Afro-Centrist refer to Hermes as “Amenhotep.” Godfrey Higgins hypothesize that way back in History Buddhist ruled the world and there were fascinating Cyclopean structures these African Buddhist built way before time. Higgins describe “Stonehenge in Britain as an ancient Buddhist temple. Higgins clearly describes the Ancient Egyptians as Buddhist.

In this lecture we write about Shakyamuni Buddha or India the 1st “Black Revolutionary Hero.” In order to get a clear picture of the Buddha we explain the Buddha from an “Afro-centric” prospective. First the Buddha Shakyamuni was an “African in Asia.” In the Hebrew Bible we read that the wife of Moses was a Cushite. In the Christian Bible we learn about the tribe of Cush or Kush. Many descriptions in the Bible and in history describe Kushites. Many describe Kushites as the ancient Ethiopians. Another name for the Kushites are the Nubians. The Ancient Nubians lived in what is called present day Sudan. Buddha was also a Cushite.

So that we African/Americans can understand the ethnicity of the Buddha Shakyamuni we connect you to another figure in Bible History. We mention the “Queen of Sheba.” The Queen of Sheba is known in Biblical history as having a relationship with the wise King of Israel named King Solomon. The Queen of Sheba (Makeda) was a very rich and powerful Queen of the Aksum Empire in Ethiopia.

In the ancient Ethiopian writing of Glory of the Kings called the Kebra Nagast written in the almost 4000 years ago in the old Ethiopian language of Geeze it speaks about the ancient Ethiopian Empire. African/American Scientist of language Dr. Clyde Withers writes; “In the Kebra Nagast, we find mention of the Arwe kings who ruled India. The founder of the dynasty was Za Besi Angabo. This dynasty according to the Kebra Nagast began around 1370 BC. These rulers of India and Ethiopia were called Nagas. The Kebra Nagast claims that " Queen Makeda "had servants and merchants; they traded for her at sea and on land in the Indies and Aswan".

It also says that her son Ebna Hakim or Menelik I, made a campaign in the Indian Sea; the king of India made gifts and donations and prostrated himself before him". It is also said that Menalik ruled an empire that extended from the rivers of Egypt (Blue Nile) to the west and from the south Shoa to east-ern India", according to the Kebra Nagast. The Kebra Nagast identification of an eastern Indian empire ruled by the Naga, corresponds to the Naga colonies in the Dekkan, and on the East coast between the Kaviri and Vaigai river

Godfrey Higgins explains in the Anacalypisis that Herodotus “the father of history” said there were two Ethiopia's. One east of the Red Sea and one West of the Red sea. Ancient India was called Eastern Ethiopia. White racist teach the "Aryan Invasion Theory that around 1500 B.C. the face of India to changed. White warriors called Aryans came from the Caucasus mountains in Central Asia brought havoc in India in a war that lasted for over 1000 years.. In India they call these wars the three great epics: Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Upanishada. The Aryans or Whites introduced in India Mankind’s 1st Racist system called the “Cast System” 1900 years ago and not 800 B.C.

The Black and not Whites or Aryans ruled all of India. By 700 B.C. or the rise of the Buddha A Naga Buddha by the name of Sisu Naga ruled Magada. During the time of the Buddha Bimbisara built an empired in Magadha that grew. The Siunaga dynasty grew until it was taken over by Mahananda. Mahananda was killed by Nanda. The Nanda King was disposed by Chandragupta Maurya. Bindusara son of Chandragupta assumed the throne. His son Asoka went on to become a great Buddhist King. The Maurayans were in power until 184 B.C. when Maurayan King Brihadrata was killed by the Brahmin General Pushyamitra who made the Brahman religion the state religion.

When Shakyamuni Buddha was born the racist cast system was not in place in India. Shakyamuni Buddha was born into a Royal Warrior class family. Shakya was the name of his tribe and Muni meant (sage) His name was Siddhartha. Siddhartha left his royal family seeking the way of Enlightenment. Shakyamuni Buddha went through almost every trial and tribulation that humans have been recorded of going through. Shakyamuni Buddha fought a system of racism in India far harsher than anything ever experienced in America including slavery. Using a Bible adage “Seek and you shall find” the Buddha Shakyamuni attained Enlightenment and this is why he is called a Buddha.

What Shakyamuni Buddha taught in his highest teachings that all humans have the potential for Enlightenment. Enlightenment is not some place you find in the mountains meditating, enlightenment is sort of like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saying “I have been to the Mountain Top.” Enlightenment is a “Self Revelation” an inherent wisdom a dynamic potential that we all have. Buddha left a way to enlightenment in his “Lotus Sutra.” The Lotus Sutra’s title is “Myoho Renge Kyo.” People today chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. In a simple explanation Nam Myoho Renge Kyo means “devotion to the Mystic law of cause and Effect Teaching or understanding.

Buddhism in India manifested itself in India as the world’s 1st Revolutionary religion and philosophy. Buddhism is the world’s 1st absolute Egalitarian Religion or philosophy that declared all humans as equal. Buddhism not only emerged in ancient India as a protest to the racist Brahmin religions in India, Buddhism declared the equality of women and race over 3000 years ago. The Buddhist religion, the Religion of the African spread from India to all over Asia. India’s golden age was when it was under the Buddhist teaching under its Black Dynasties. India progressed in science and medicine under Buddhism. Racist later destroyed Buddhism in India 1000’s of years ago.

Evidence shows that Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings arrived in Africa during the Persian period of their attacking Egypt. The most important historical element to understand about Buddhism is the fact that the Ancient Nubians practiced Buddhism. It was due to the Buddhist Influence in Nubia that the Meroitic Script or writing language emerged. Buddhist who came into Ancient Africa were called “Gymnosophist.” The Gymnosophist were Buddhist Scholars who brought their philosophy, science and religion to Ancient Africa. We find the Kharosthi Script in Ancient Nubia . The Greek Historian Flinders Petrie found Buddhism in ancient Memphis, Egypt. Godfrey Higgins explains in the Anacalypisis that it was the Buddhist missionaries who brought Buddhism to Africa from India. What is even more fascinating about Buddhist history as Godfrey Higgins points out in this book the Anacalypisis, the “Tribe of Judah” were Black Jews who originally came from India before Abraham. The tribe of Judah was in Meroe or Kush because they were Kushites. Most African/Americans have no idea of their Buddhist history.

The tribe of Judah or the Jews were Buddhist this means that the ancestors to Christ were Buddhist. It is known in Christian circles that Christ preached an “Oriental Religion.” In Ancient Nubia we find Buddhist inscriptions of the Lotus Flower at the Apedemak Temple in Meroe. Buddhism was around 500 years before Christianity and much of the Christian Bible is right out of the Buddhist text. Godfrey Higgins point out that the Christian System of the Pope and Priest models directly for the Buddhist system.

Buddhist missionaries were in Africa 1000’s of years ago and the evidence is ill refutable. What we point out in this lecture is not about religion, but we make the point that we African/American people have a great and fascinating history. This Black history month lecture teaches this history. One of our great leaders in History was the one we call “The Buddha” or the enlighten one. He was a Naga, Cushite, Dravidian, Ethiopian he was a brother. The Buddha was the 1st Black Revolutionary Hero.

Reference: Antony "Amp" Elmore Sr.

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