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I’m in India and horrified by the Covid crisis – I never thought we’d see death on this scale here

It is horrifying that many towns in India are running short of space for cremating and burying Covid-19 victims. Last year I saw pictures of mass cremations and burials in countries around the world, with bodies being left on the streets. Little did I realise that India too would be gripped by similar scenes a year later.

Indian Covid-19 cases have soared to about 350,000 daily. The Indian health structure is nearing a collapse. What will happen if the number of daily cases spiral to 500,000 or to a million cases per day? We have to plan for the worst-case scenarios in terms of equipment and resources, even as we hope for the best. India should not be caught napping again. India must also research the new variant aggressively, to understand and neutralise it.

With good management, any problem can be solved, but clearly there is poor management of the crisis in India.

Rajendra Aneja

Mumbai, India

UK must help India now

The world is watching a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in India due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The UK needs to help India right now and the British PM must ensure that help is on the way. All the orders of ventilators that luckily did not need to be used in the UK may be better flown to those needing them the most.

Bambos Charalambous


Nowhere to hide 

Pandemic and pollution – the world’s deadly enemies right now. Although every little step that anybody takes to reduce pollution does help, it is an international problem no country can hide from.

Some people refuse vaccinations, saying it is their body and their freedom and right to decide what goes into their body. However, any body left unvaccinated is a potential source to be infected and hence add to transmission and mutation of the virus. The world is that little bit more vulnerable with each person refusing vaccination. Again, there is no place to hide. 

Reference: Independent: 

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